How to Setup Steam Link Over Wi-Fi


I’m going to tell you how you can setup up your Steam Link over a Wi-Fi connection . It’s was insanely easy.  I got a Steam Link during the 2016 Steam Winter sale instead of purchasing any games, crazy I know.  If you play video games on your computer then, you’ve probably heard of Steam.  Steam is one of the most epic gaming platforms around.

At 60% off which made the Steam Link an affordable purchase price of 19.99 plus shipping, it was too good to pass up.  So, instead of having to lug my very heavy but super awesome gaming computer over to where my television’s located, I can now connect through Steam Link.

What is Steam Link?  Maybe I should explain that part.  Steam Link is a small black box which enables you to either connect directly to your Internet via an ethernet cable or a wireless connection and play your Steam games directly from your PC on your television.  Setup Steam Link Wi-Fi

Setup Steam Link Wi-Fi

Once I opened up the package containing my Steam Link it was only a matter of minutes before everything was connected and I was getting my game on.  I’ve got a 150 Mbps internet connection with an extender.  It’s about 3 feet from my TV and gaming consoles.  So, I’m using a 5ghz  802.11ac wireless signal and this is how I setup my Steam Link;

  • Connect the power adapter to the Steam Link and plug it into a wall socket.
  • Use the HDMI cable that comes included with your Steam link and connect it to your TV and the back of the Steam Link box.
  • Next, turn on your television.  Then, you’ll see the Steam Link telling you to either connect your keyboard and mouse or your wireless controller to proceed.
  • Upon connecting your peripherals, proceed to connect the Steam Link to your internet connection.
  •  My scenario uses our 5ghz Wi-Fi.  Next, find your network name in the list seen on screen and then, enter your password.

Finally, your Steam Link should be connected to your wireless internet.  Once connected, it downloads and installs an update for your Steam Link.  On your TV Steam Link displays computers on your home network that you are capable of connecting with it.  Choose the one you want associated with your Steam Link.

Open Steam on Your Computer

Go to your computer and make sure the Steam application’s up and running.  Then, update it if needed.

Once the update finishes on your TV where the Steam Link is connected, it displays a code.  On your computer, a box where you’ll enter the code from your TV, opens within the Steam app. This allows the Steam Link to communicate with and run Steam from your computer.

I played Castlevania – Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition and it was very satisfying.  I can’t wait to play more games from my Steam library, I’ve got so many.

That’s a wrap.  You’ve now got your Steam Link talking to your Steam application on your computer. Hop on the couch, get comfortable and game on.


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