SiteGround Hosting and WordPress


When I was looking for a hosting company for TechWhoot, I came across SiteGround.  I had already heard excellent things about their reliability and affordable pricing so, I figured what have I got to lose?

As I’m already familiar with and been using the WordPress platform for over eight years that wasn’t going to change.  SiteGround hosting and WordPress work well with each other.  As I quickly found out.

SiteGround Hosting and WordPress is All in One

Once I settled on using SiteGround as my hosting provider, I also used them for my domain name.  You know the name of my WordPress site, TechWhoot.  Plus, I wanted everything in one place and the whole package cost me less than $50 a year.                                                                                          SiteGround Plan

Being that I’m a freelance tech writer and I have a very strict budget SiteGround is a perfect fit for me and my wallet.  And now I can speak to it that, they’re amazingly reliable.

WordPress Updates

Whenever WordPress pushes out updates, SiteGround updates your site automatically.  That’s a great benefit for those of us that are juggling work, maintaining a WordPress site and or blog as well as parenting at the same time.                                                                           WordPress Tools

If any problem arises or the update of your WordPress site hosted on SiteGround breaks, they’ll take care of it.  So, you don’t have to wonder about how you’re going to fix it.  They handle it for you.

Speed, Security, and Great Support

Having your WordPress site hosted on SiteGround, you’ll get the fastest page load times.  The average length for a page to load is 1.3 – 1.7 seconds, that’s incredible.  Your visitors won’t have a chance to leave your site because the pages load in the blink of an eye.

You have guaranteed hack protection by choosing SiteGround.  Patches are only applied by the SiteGround team.  Your WordPress installed site is isolated from other hosted sites that are installed in the shared server environment.    This certainly gives me a piece of mind.

The support team at SiteGround is one of the best.  They answer your call immediately, chat support issues are resolved in minutes,   support tickets are responded to within 8 minutes and average overall resolution time is 31 minutes.  Just a few other reasons I chose SiteGround, I can’t afford to wait hours or days if a problem does come up.

Wrapping it Up

So far, I’ve had zero problems with SiteGround.

Another WordPress site I have didn’t like a plugin I installed and broke my whole site.  Eventually, I had to reset and redo my site from scratch.  That was very time consuming and frustrating, to say the least.

While using SiteGround I’ve had nothing but a positive experience.  I highly recommend them for your WordPress hosting needs.  It’s affordable, all in one, easy to use, fast, secure and the best support in the business.

Using SiteGround to host and run my WordPress site, TechWhoot was a great decision.  And I know that if anything crops up along the way, I’ll have immediate resolve the same day.



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