How to use Your Playstation 4 Controller with Nvidia Shield Tablet


The Nvidia Shield tablet can use your Playstation 4 controller for gaming.  Do you want to know how to use your Playstation 4 controller with your Nvidia Shield tablet?   I’m sure you do, it’s most likely why you’re here.

I know what your thinking.  That’s great news especially when you’ve already got a PS 4 controller in your hands.  It’s a definite perk for me that’s for sure.  

Well, it’s time.  Let’s connect your PS 4 controller to your tablet.

How to use Your Playstation 4 Controller with Nvidia Shield Tablet

Go to Bluetooth on Nvidia Shield tablet

You’ll need both your Nvidia Shield tablet and the PlayStation 4 controller.  Then, we can start the syncing and pairing process to get them working together.

Don’t worry I’ll walk you through the setup.  It’s easy peasy.

  1. On the home screen of your Nvidia Shield tablet swipe down on the shade on the top of your screen.
  2. Then, tap on the gear icon on the right side of the screen.  Nvidia Settings
  3. Next, you’ll go down the settings page until you see Bluetooth.  Tap on Bluetooth.                                                                                                  Nvidia Shield Bluetooth
  4. Toggle the switch to the position on in Bluetooth.  Now a list of Bluetooth devices that are selectable appear.

Let’s get your PS 4 controller viewable in that list.

Pairing the Playstation 4 Controller with Nvidia Shield

The next thing to do is get your PlayStation 4 controller into synch mode.  To do that;

  • Press the Playstation button on the controller along with the share button. Playstation 4 Controller
  • Then, you’ll notice the light flashing on the front of your controller.
  • When you see the flashing light on the front of your PS 4 controller, you should also see it appear in the Bluetooth list on your Nvidia Shield Tablet.

So, now go back to the Bluetooth screen on your Nvidia Shield tablet.  You’ll see Wireless Controller displayed, that’s your PS 4 controller.

  • Tap on Wireless controller.  Tapping on it pairs your Playstation 4 controller with your tablet.                                                                                Paired PS4 Controller

That’s it; you’re all done.  You can now use your Playstation 4 Controller to play games on your Nvidia Shield tablet.  Cool, right?

Since I have a slew of controllers in my house, I wanted to use one I already had available.  Also, I love the newer design and feel of the Playstation 4 controller.

Wrapping Up

You can easily connect your Playstation 4 controller to your Nvidia Shield tablet.

All that you need to do is navigate to your Nvidia Shield tablet’s Bluetooth settings, flip the switch on and put your Playstation 4 controller into sync mode.  Then, just tap on your controller in the list and boom you’re ready to game on.

For those of you who love your PS 4 controller and have a Shield tablet, I’d say it’s a definite perk.  Enjoy!




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