How to Clear Your iPhone Cache and Storage


How to Clear Your iPhone Cache and Storage

You may or may not be aware that after time data and files build up on your iPhone.  A lot of smartphones now have the components of a portable computer.  So, you’ll want to do some maintenance as you would on your regular PC or Mac.

Some tasks you’d be wise to do are clearing out the cache and freeing up some storage space on your iPhone.  Just as browsers on home computers get bogged down with cached files which take up resources so does your iPhone. Data that isn’t necessary also gets stored and you should get rid of it as well.

Let’s look at how to clear the cache on your iPhone first.

Clean Out Safari

So, the default web browser for your iPhone is Safari just as it is on any Apple device.  Since it is a web browser, you’ll want to clear the web browsing cache now and then.  Clearing Safari’s cache gets rid of bulk and may pep things up a bit.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone. Then, scroll down until you see Safari in the list.  Safari iPhone
  • Next, tap on Safari and scroll down the page to Clear History and Website Data. The text is blue and all you do is tap on it.  Clear Safari history
  • A small pop-up appears at the bottom of your iPhone. It’ll say Clear History and Data in red. By clearing your history, cookies and browsing data on your iPhone, it’ll also get removed on other devices connected and signed into your iCloud account.  Clearing Safari history and data

By following the outlined steps above, you’ll have the ability to clear the cache on your Safari browser on your iPhone. This will help load times when you’re using Safari and you’ll also free up some memory being used by it on your iPhone as well.

As there’s not a default way to just clear the cache of all the contents of your iPhone the rest needs to get done manually and individually.

Remove Unnecessary Applications

The removal of individual applications to free up space and resources is a great way to regain some storage and speed on your iPhone.  Some of the pre-installed apps that come on your iPhone can now get deleted if, you have no need for them.

Go through the applications and app folders on your iPhone and get rid of the ones taking up precious memory on your device.  If you’ve downloaded an app used it once and never looked back then, you’ll probably want to ditch it.

Check Physical Storage Space

To check on your physical storage statistics on your iPhone, you’ll need to head to settings.

  • Then, scroll down to General and tap it.  Settings General
  • Next, scroll down until you see Storage and iCloud Usage and select it.  Storage & iCloud Use
  • Once in Storage tap on Manage Storage. You’ll now see the applications on your phone listed.  These use the physical storage space on your iPhone.  Stored applications
  • Tap on an app to see how much space it’s using. Then, if you don’t need it or never use it just delete the app.  Deleting an app listed as using storage on your phone frees up some space on your device.

Now you should have some extra room available on your iPhone’s internal storage location.

Check Your iCloud Usage

To see what’s using up your iCloud storage go to settings. And follow all the same steps as above then, when you get to storage and iCloud Usage, tap on manage storage where your iCloud Storage is listed. iCloud storage space

You’ll also tap on manage storage for it.  The next page to open shows you everything that’s being backed up to iCloud and using storage space.  iCloud Storage Use

Also, if you delete an application from the iCloud storage location on your iPhone, it’ll delete the documents and data files associated with that app.

You can also remove applications and re-download them from the Apple App Store should you want or need it again in the future.


Clearing the cache in Safari, removing unneeded applications and checking on your iCloud storage and physical storage on your iPhone to free up space are all excellent ways to keep your iPhone at peak performance.  So, if you’re starting to see performance lag or just need more space, these recommendations should help you out.