How to use Facebook Stories


The Facebook mobile platform now includes a feature like Snapchat.  Facebook Stories are based on the same premise as Snapchat.  Honestly, I didn’t even start using it until recently.  I’m a big fan of Snapchat so, I decided to try Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories are easy to use.  Unlike Snapchat which requires a learning curve.  You’ll probably either love it or hate it; there’s no middle ground.  At least that’s the vibe I’ve gotten from my Facebook friends.

Let’s move on to how to use Facebook Stories, shall we?

How to Use Facebook Stories

At the top of your smartphone above your Facebook feed, you’ll see a bar that’s got your contacts names and a blue paper airplane icon.  This is where you can send a direct story photo or video to all your contacts or a specific contact you’ve selected.  Facebook Story

Your Facebook Story is at the top of your Facebook feed page, right next to the direct message feature.  So, lets’ go ahead and add some things to your story.

  • Tap on Your Story which displays your Facebook profile picture.  As long as you haven’t already started a story then, a plus mark appears in the circle with your profile picture.  Facebook Plus
  • To take a story picture just tap the circle in the lower middle of your screen.  To record a video then hold the circle down and it’ll record.  Facebook Stories take photo
  • Next, to post your photo or video to your Facebook Story tap on the arrow that now shows up in the circle in the bottom middle of your smartphone screen.  Add to Facebook Story
  • Then, choose where you’d like to post that photo or video you just took.  Make it a post for your Facebook Timeline or post it to your Facebook Story so your contacts can view it.  Alternatively you could select both options.  Share Facebook story

If you want to view your Facebook Story go back to the main page of your Facebook application.  Then, just tap on My Story.  You’ll see your story as well as any of your other Facebook contacts that have added one.

When you’ve already started a Facebook Story to add more photos or videos to it just tap the camera icon in the upper left-hand corner of the Facebook app.Facebook Camera

That’s it.  That’s all you need to know to start using the Facebook Stories feature.

Now if, you want to add filters to your pictures or photos just swipe up on your smartphone screen while in Facebook Story mode.

Facebook Story Filter

Another way to change filters or use different filters of your choice is to tap on the icon that looks like a magic wand.

Facebook Story Wand

After tapping on the magic wand in Facebook Stories you’ll see a whole bunch more filter options.  They have some pretty fun ones so go ahead and try them out.Facebook Story Filter Options

Wrapping Up

So, now you’ve learned how to use Facebook’s Story mode.  It’s like a built-in Snapchat feature for your Facebook application.  It’s super simple to use and much fun can be had.  Take a photo or a video.  You can do regular photos and videos or add some pizazz by adding different filter options.

I like the Facebook Story feature because I can do silly pictures and videos and add them to my Facebook story or timeline on the spot.  You don’t even have to leave Facebook which is one of my most favorite parts about making a Facebook Story.  Start using Facebook Stories and enjoy!


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